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released January 4, 2016

Recorded at Nitrojam Rec / DTH Studios / Punk-Garage. Fall 2015.
Mixed and mastered by Will K.
Cassette via
We Stand Records
Voice From Inside Records



all rights reserved


Rat's Eyes Moscow, Russia

SINCE 3013

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Track Name: Spirit Or Exhaust
Hating is done,
Wasting is done,
Reason is gone,
My fight is done

You can't see,
What you did to me.
Track Name: Wanker
I am a wanker,
I don’t care what you think
You try to ascribe to me all stuff
That I’m not really into.
You said I’m filthy as fuck,
And I suppose it’s ok
Cause the only thing that I am into
Is furious jerking off

Jerking off nonstop everyday
All other stuff is bullshit, I am afraid
Look at me, I’m not that kind, I’m not a ride
That’s why I choose wanking as my way of life

Wanking is my way of life.
Track Name: We Are Cavemen
The enviable persistence of pathetic creature,
Let me see the outward things from the other side.
Not the way we’ve been taught in school -
The strongest is not a very special kind...

Nor the smartest, nor the bravest,
Fuck all those, who are going to get the most,
Not your boss, and not my favourite porn actress.
Only those,
Only those,
Only those, who are adaptable to change
Will rule the future world,
And will fuck the future brains.
There will be no place for you and me.
We are cavemen, the part of a shameful history.

Never again,
Never again,
We are the kind
Earth should rather forget.
Track Name: Condemnation
You say I
Live my life wrong
Scorn civil values,
Detaching from society –
Being a cynic at heart.

Act like a human, not a fucking animal,
But where is the line between
If you behave the same.
You insist all the time
That it is abnormal
To separate myself from everyone,
And feel no guilt for that.

There is no salvation,
There is no escape.
I don’t wait for your condemnation
For me to accept it
And repeat it over and over again.
Track Name: Solipsism
The terrible burden of solipsism,
Everything that I see does not even exist.
All tangible things don't make any sense,
Everything that I feel is my own mental states

Walls and fences are falling apart,
From different angles
Every time different start

Understand the complicated things,
To know the unknown.
There are so many questions,
My mind is going to blow.
I don't need all the answers
Because I know for sure
All the things that are unseen must be just round the corner.

Walls and fences are falling apart,
From different angles
Every time different start

For what?

Every day I wish for more,
All I get:
Braided chains,
Tied knots,
Closed doors.
Track Name: Война
Новые факты,
Обнажили суть правды.
И ослабили цепи,
Оскалили пасти,
Псы войны -
Генералы, солдаты.

Дай мне знать,
Если завтра война.
И все сходят с ума.

Новые стены,
Не удержат желание,
Что заложено крепко
В глубине подсознания,
Что так рвется наружу
И просит хозяина
Не оставить
Камня на камне